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MAGNETIC Proximity PTT lead for all amps / fx cards

DSC03826_800.jpgAfter reading a few threads I thought I would make a Magnetic Proximity PTT lead (MTTP). They work with all leading amps and sound boards and are very simple to install and use. You get the lead with inputs and outputs, a magnet and installation instructions.

The leads are 1.53 metres long or 60 inches. You can run it through your suit into your armour and glove. The magnet fixes into one of your fingers, blaster or armour and the proximity switch fits inside the the thumb of your glove. I'll supply the magnet with double sided tape. I suggest you stitch the lead into your glove or make some small loops to run it through.

DSC03827_800.jpgLike all my gear, they are very well made and simple to use and install.

You can find them on the FISD board available for sale with pics and video overviews.

I thought you might like to see the results of a commission I recently completed to fit a light array and digitised sound system to a Lightweight E-11 Trooping Blaster. Thanks to Dave Marsden for letting me loose on his blaster.

Coming soon...
I will be supplying a fully painted E-11 lightweight pipe blaster soon - sprayed and finished beautifully. The blasters will be available through my store.

My light and sound system only adds a small amount of weight to the blaster. The completed blaster and electronics are available from me or you can send me your blaster for fitting (a much better option).

The light array comprises a 10 LED white light array, a 5 LED UV (Stun colour) array and a Laser (yes, a real laser). The system also has a digitsing board which plays an authentic E-11 blaster sound effect. It's bright and loud and operates from a double trigger switch mechanism which is mounted behind the mock E-11 trigger.

The light array can be switched between modes or set to OFF. Most garrisons do not allow light effects while trooping. It all operates from 3 x AAA cells and will run for so many hours I can't offer an accurate time  I do suspect it will last 40 or 50 hours from one set of cells.

I finally spray the blaster with a matt textured paint which simulates the original finish on a Sterling sub machine gun (which is where the E-11 came from). I owned a decommissioned Sterling so I know exactly how it looked.

If you would like to commission me to build one these kits just get in touch through my site and I'll discuss it further with you.

Thanks for checking this out. Also on YouTube, you can check out my TKVox amp kits and Hovi-mix tip aerator speakers in action. Great sound and a great price for these kits which are available directly from me or via Ebay (higher price on Ebay to cover their exorbitant costs).

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