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Feedback from Ebay

I was rather pleased with this feedback on ebay left by George from Canada:

Craftsmanship is unbelievable!!! Went out of his way for fast shipping too. A+++

It makes it all worthwhile when you get a comment like this! Thanks George and Keep on Trooping dude. Enjoy the NanoAmp kit.

It takes between five and ten working days to get the gear out as this is my hobby. A big thank you to all the troopers who wait patiently while I make the kits. They take a long time to construct and are a labour of love. Good things come to those who wait.

"... thanks for offering these to the community!"

It's great to hear back from Troopers about the kit I make and supply...

Nasir from Atlanta in the USA had this to say:
"Hovi mix speakers are great. Took me a while, but finally got them installed into my AP bucket. They sound very clear and look great. Just wanted to let you know and to say thanks for offering these to the community!"

Many thanks for choosing my gear and it's all available in the store.

The first E-11 hits the USA...


I was really thrilled to sell my first E-11 to Trevor in the USA. He trusted me to produce a first class blaster prop. Also, it had to cross the big pond and pass through customs etc. I sent it via a specialist courier firm in the UK. Considering the blaster is quite big and requires a lot of packaging, I felt £41.00 was very good value including insurance for the full value. I sent the E-11 on Friday and it arrived the following Monday - that's less than two working days!!!

This is what Trevor had to say:

"It arrived safe and sound you'll be happy to know!  Very fast too! It's awesome!  Excellent work! I couldn't be happier with it! No damage or customs problems at all... Although it looks like they inspected it and then repackaged it.

I'm looking forward to showing it off around here! Hopefully other 501st members will want one too! (If you don't mind the international shipping of course!). Thanks again for all your great service and attention to detail.  I couldn't recommend your work or service more highly!

Yes, I'd definitely use that courier again. Whatever they do it works just fine. I'd be more than happy to recommend your work to others. As a matter of fact I was just in the middle of taking some pics to post on the white armor site. I hope you don't mind! I'm kind of anxious to show it off!

It's extremely authentic looking. The sound board is brilliant too! Great effect! I'll definitely give the cops a wide birth! Only the weight gives it away! I'm sure your business will do well if these are the quality products you're producing. I'm more than happy with the pico amp too! It seems like in this hobby it doesn't take long for a good reputation to be made through word of mouth. I wish you the best of luck!"

Trevor Roberts, Portland, USA.


You can find out more in my blog or check out the full specification (and maybe buy one) in my store.

I was very excited to receive a message from Patrick Franzke, a member of the Germany Garrison. He has installed a TKVox PicoAmp and Clone Aerator Speakers in his awesome Cody Clone Trooper helmet. Patrick was kind enough to show me how it works and sounds.

The Clone Aerator speakers have been on sale in my store for a long time and these were the first set I sold. They are amazing quality, very loud and utilise FRT (Feedback Reduction Technology). Anyway, here they are in action with the PicoAmp:

Many thanks Patrick. It's great to see the kit in action.

PicoAmp warmly welcomed...

"(The) kit arrived this morning already fitted which was so simple to do. I have to say I am gob smacked at how brilliant it is, why did I leave it so long to get one. Your system is bloody amazing, it's compact its easy to install it sounds brilliant. I've bought the B-Tube speaker but I don't think I will need it as your speakers are louder than than I thought. I can't thank you enough for this kit, you are a genius, my armour is now complete and I cant wait to troop with my new system it sounds amazing. Again thank you."
Jamie Murdoch, Somerset.

I had the great pleasure of reading the above comment from a trooper and valued customer. This was the first sale of the PicoAmp kit and I couldn't have asked for better feedback.


I recommended the addition of a Linx B-Tube to amplify the volume. The sound is excellent and very loud when the B-Tube is paired with my Hovi-mix tip speakers. You still get the "AM" Mos Eisley style sound from your helmet and a punch of bass and extra volume from the B-Tube. You can mount the B-Tube in the back panel of your armour (tight squeeze but it just fits). Jamie did decide to use the B-Tube in the end to make the system extra loud. Incidentally, the B-Tube is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery and comes complete with a recharger (USB / Mains) and a long 3.5mm jack lead.


The great thing about this solution is that the speaker is active so it hardly impacts on the burn time of the PicoAmp. The B-Tube is rated at around 16 hours burn time and can be recharged in your car if you purchase a USB car charging kit. You can't plug a microphone directly in the B-Tube so you do need an amplifier like the PicoAmp.

I am happy to supply these but they are a special order as I don't carry them in stock (they take about three days to arrive), or, you purchase directly from your chosen supplier.

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