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PicoAmp back in production.

pico_powerpack1.jpgBACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! I had a number of enquiries about the PicoAmp when I ceased production. So, I decided to bring it back into production. It's available in my store.

The very popular PicoAmp is ceasing production in October 2010.

The NanoAmp and new products in development follow a modular design with an improved production process. The PicoAmp is a custom build for every unit making it more difficult to produce. It has been 100% reliable and very popular and I am sorry to see it go.

The NanoAmp is tiny, compact and extremely lightweight and this will continue in production and replace the PicoAmp. This way I can concentrate on one product and reduce production and delivery times. As with the PicoAmp, the NanoAmp is 100% reliable and offers the same flexibility, features and sound quality.

As with all my products, if you really are desperate for a PicoAmp then I will make one but the price will be at a premium due to custom order components.

MAGNETIC Proximity PTT lead for all amps / fx cards

DSC03826_800.jpgAfter reading a few threads I thought I would make a Magnetic Proximity PTT lead (MTTP). They work with all leading amps and sound boards and are very simple to install and use. You get the lead with inputs and outputs, a magnet and installation instructions.

The leads are 1.53 metres long or 60 inches. You can run it through your suit into your armour and glove. The magnet fixes into one of your fingers, blaster or armour and the proximity switch fits inside the the thumb of your glove. I'll supply the magnet with double sided tape. I suggest you stitch the lead into your glove or make some small loops to run it through.

DSC03827_800.jpgLike all my gear, they are very well made and simple to use and install.

You can find them on the FISD board available for sale with pics and video overviews.

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