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Feedback from Ebay

I was rather pleased with this feedback on ebay left by George from Canada:

Craftsmanship is unbelievable!!! Went out of his way for fast shipping too. A+++

It makes it all worthwhile when you get a comment like this! Thanks George and Keep on Trooping dude. Enjoy the NanoAmp kit.

It takes between five and ten working days to get the gear out as this is my hobby. A big thank you to all the troopers who wait patiently while I make the kits. They take a long time to construct and are a labour of love. Good things come to those who wait.

E-11 Blasters for Special Order Only

E11_fins.jpgI've had to make the very difficult decision to cease regular production of my E-11 Blasters.

Why? Well, I produce them to the highest standard and I believe they are "the" reference point for lightweight trooping blasters. Unfortunately, they are uneconomical to produce. I do enjoy making them but they interrupt standard production. This is my hobby and the blasters take such a long time to make.

So, I'll still make them for you, with or without electronics. They are now a special order item. Just get in touch if you want one.

Also, I'm happy to produce a batch of blasters for a garrison. This way the price is far better and the production cycle is far more efficient.

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