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The first E-11 hits the USA...


I was really thrilled to sell my first E-11 to Trevor in the USA. He trusted me to produce a first class blaster prop. Also, it had to cross the big pond and pass through customs etc. I sent it via a specialist courier firm in the UK. Considering the blaster is quite big and requires a lot of packaging, I felt £41.00 was very good value including insurance for the full value. I sent the E-11 on Friday and it arrived the following Monday - that's less than two working days!!!

This is what Trevor had to say:

"It arrived safe and sound you'll be happy to know!  Very fast too! It's awesome!  Excellent work! I couldn't be happier with it! No damage or customs problems at all... Although it looks like they inspected it and then repackaged it.

I'm looking forward to showing it off around here! Hopefully other 501st members will want one too! (If you don't mind the international shipping of course!). Thanks again for all your great service and attention to detail.  I couldn't recommend your work or service more highly!

Yes, I'd definitely use that courier again. Whatever they do it works just fine. I'd be more than happy to recommend your work to others. As a matter of fact I was just in the middle of taking some pics to post on the white armor site. I hope you don't mind! I'm kind of anxious to show it off!

It's extremely authentic looking. The sound board is brilliant too! Great effect! I'll definitely give the cops a wide birth! Only the weight gives it away! I'm sure your business will do well if these are the quality products you're producing. I'm more than happy with the pico amp too! It seems like in this hobby it doesn't take long for a good reputation to be made through word of mouth. I wish you the best of luck!"

Trevor Roberts, Portland, USA.


You can find out more in my blog or check out the full specification (and maybe buy one) in my store.

Once upon a time I purchased an E-11 blaster from Ebay. It stayed in my possession for about a day. Now while I don't wish to be impolite to the guy who produced it, the blaster really wasn't very good at all.

I then bought a solid resin cast from an infamous caster. This was much better but needed a lot of work to clean it up and then you have the painting and finishing. It wasn't hollow so it was very heavy. However, because of the casting quality, you can create a stunning blaster with this kit. Still not what I wanted though.

This all got me thinking about a way to produce a really awesome lightweight trooping blaster. I know these blasters had been made many times before but I felt I could improve on the humble pipe blaster. My approach is about detail, accuracy and finish. I guess that is what I am known for.

I wanted my own blaster to have a bright light (that can be turned off for trooping) and a good quality blaster sound. Oh, and it had to run for 30 hours (plus) from one set of battery cells.

So, I made this:

The 501st Creations E-11 Blaster displayed on our blaster stand.

Finished to the highest standard with first generation casts from a Sterling SMG, the blaster really does look like the real thing. It also has a multi-coat, multi-paint finish with an intermediate laquer. The base coat has a mottled crinkle finish to replicate the Sterling SMG finish. Finally, it is finished with matt black and silver paint where required.

The scope has an exact replica of the E-11 reticle graphics with a gloss varnish to the front lens so it reflects the light to appear like glass.

It comes with a digitised blaster sound sample (from Star Wars) and a red 1 watt Luxeon high power LED mounted in the muzzle. It operates on 4 x AAA cells fitted inside a rapid access battery pack complete with snap connector. Estimated battery burn time is 30 to 50 hours. Not bad. The LED can be switched to OFF as some garrisons do not allow light effects while trooping.

E11_mag_3_4.jpgConstructions is upwards of 20 hours and every detail is carefully considered. It is very difficult to create a truly movie accurate E-11, but, I think this comes very close.

The electronics system only adds a small amount of weight to the blaster - around 100g extra. The overall weight is 810g so it is suitable for trooping and can be easily carried or holstered during a full days trooping. The sound is loud (enough) and can even be replaced with your own recorded sample using the built in microphone (I wouldn't recommend it though).

I used to offer an electronics kit to fit to a pipe blaster. This comprised white LED's, UV LED's and a laser. I have stopped making this due to the laser being potentially harmful. So now it operates with a safe 1w red LED.

movie1.jpgGreat sound and a great price for these blasters that are available directly from me here or via Ebay (higher price on Ebay to cover their exorbitant costs).

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