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PicoAmp warmly welcomed...

"(The) kit arrived this morning already fitted which was so simple to do. I have to say I am gob smacked at how brilliant it is, why did I leave it so long to get one. Your system is bloody amazing, it's compact its easy to install it sounds brilliant. I've bought the B-Tube speaker but I don't think I will need it as your speakers are louder than than I thought. I can't thank you enough for this kit, you are a genius, my armour is now complete and I cant wait to troop with my new system it sounds amazing. Again thank you."
Jamie Murdoch, Somerset.

I had the great pleasure of reading the above comment from a trooper and valued customer. This was the first sale of the PicoAmp kit and I couldn't have asked for better feedback.


I recommended the addition of a Linx B-Tube to amplify the volume. The sound is excellent and very loud when the B-Tube is paired with my Hovi-mix tip speakers. You still get the "AM" Mos Eisley style sound from your helmet and a punch of bass and extra volume from the B-Tube. You can mount the B-Tube in the back panel of your armour (tight squeeze but it just fits). Jamie did decide to use the B-Tube in the end to make the system extra loud. Incidentally, the B-Tube is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery and comes complete with a recharger (USB / Mains) and a long 3.5mm jack lead.


The great thing about this solution is that the speaker is active so it hardly impacts on the burn time of the PicoAmp. The B-Tube is rated at around 16 hours burn time and can be recharged in your car if you purchase a USB car charging kit. You can't plug a microphone directly in the B-Tube so you do need an amplifier like the PicoAmp.

I am happy to supply these but they are a special order as I don't carry them in stock (they take about three days to arrive), or, you purchase directly from your chosen supplier.

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